Accounting & bookkeeping services for spas

Having accurate and up-to-date books lets you focus on doing what you do best. BookKeeping Express (BKE) handles your books so you can spend your time making your clients feel good.  BKE will:

  • Provide you with a bookkeeper who’s an expert in spas and will setup your industry-specific general ledger
  • Help you understand your cashflow through regular bank reconciliation
  • Send you regular reports that highlight your total business performance
  • Track your revenue and even help you select the best merchant processor for your spa
  • Handle your payroll for each spa, ensuring your staff is paid accordingly and it’s reflected in your records
  • Help you track and record your expenses, setting you up for a favorably for tax time

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By outsourcing to our partner BookKeeping Express I’m free to focus on my business and add members, making my life and business a lot simpler.
— Eric, Anytime Fitness