Built for you.


Organized and all in one place

No more searching through emails to find conversations with your bookkeeper-- or your latest Financial Reports. They're all right here for you,  organized and in an easy to use interface.


Intuitive and simple

We built Insight so that you never have to learn accounting software again. It is simple to use and it means your bookkeeper and your data are never more than a click away.

Informative and concise

Insight lets you easily view and download your key financial reports. You can access your Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Transaction Reports and more-- from the current or prior months.

Accessible and connected

Now you can login anywhere, anytime. Ask questions, see your latest financial reports and even get a quick snapshot of your business performance.

Other important items:

  • Insight is included with all of our bookkeeping packages, and works with your QuickBooks or Xero account.

  • Insight gets you out of email and into one centralized spot to manage your back office with the help of BKE.

  • The tool removes the need to ever log into your accounting software -- and saves you from potentially making a costly mistake while you’re in there.