Expense Management

When you run a business, you and your staff spend money and incur costs that need to be reimbursed and categorized correctly.

BookKeeping Express (BKE) uses a combination of expert bookkeepers and modern accounting software, mobile applications and expense management tools to handle your expenses. You’ll have the peace of mind that every expense is tracked, categorized and reported accurately.

No more paper receipts

Holding onto receipts has long been a pain for the average business owner. Receipts get lost or damaged and when tax time comes, it’s hard to remember why the purchase was made. Now, just take a picture of receipts on your phone and BKE will categorize the expense in your accounting software, store the receipt image online, and make sure everything ties back to your business bank account.

Tracking miles to a T

Travel costs are another expense category that has traditionally been a hassle to manage. Miles traveled must be properly tracked in order to create an accurate expense claim. As with receipt management, mobile apps have removed the difficulty of tracking mileage. Using GPS on your smartphone, BKE will help your staff automatically track and report the exact number of miles traveled and ensure the expense claim is processed and categorized correctly.

Online document management

Audits are rare but do happen. In case one occurs, it’s crucial to have access to all your historical business records. We’ll organize and store all your documents online so they’re out of your way but always within reach.


Regular reports highlighting your business performance

Accounting reports serve many purposes. They’re not only required to file taxes and apply for lending. They can also be used to teach you what you’re doing right and what can be improved. BKE’s bookkeeping team will provide you an income statement, balance sheet and statement of cashflows every month so you have a strong understanding of your business performance.